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Important: when choosing your additional services, it is important that you know that these values may vary when we visit you,

since some of them depend on the size and quantity (Example: balconies, windows, refrigerators).

Please add to the list the services you wish to receive. Remember to click CHECK on the service you wish to add. Once you

have added all the services, you must click next.

Kind of service
Additional service: Window outside
Additional service: Window Inside
Additional service: Steam cleaning and disinfection
Additional service: Refrigerator inside
Additional service: Presure washer
Additional service: Premium products
Additional service: Oven inside
Additional service: Cleaning and disinfection with electrostatic spraying machine
Additional service: Balcony

Happy Customers

“We have been counting on your services for two years. We are very satisfied and appreciate everything you have done for us”

“Three months ago I hired the guys from East Coast Cleaning Services, they gave me a very good cleaning service, wich I had not been able to obtain from other cleaning companies for a long time. They also have excellent treatment, attention and responsability. Now that I have a website, they make my life a lot easier. I order my service from the website and make my payments right there. 

I highly recommend them”

Rebecca Sheehan


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