Do you like the place where you live, where you work or where you spend most of your time to smell good and always be neat and clean?

It is possible as long as the cleaning products you use for cleaning are of the highest quality. Because low-quality products tend to leave the spaces poorly presented and without a good smell.

Some of the products that are used for cleaning and are of very good quality are:

Bona: This is an ideal product for cleaning tiles, laminate floors and stone tiles. With this product your floors will be truly clean and shiny.

Airwick with wall connector: you can create a fragrance program and even control the intensity of each fragrance. You will hear a notification when the fragrance is running out. It’s wonderful for the best smelling spaces.

Toilet disinfectant tablets: Toilet tank tablets that clean and prevent scale have a powerful cleaning foam with a pleasant scent, easy to use and automatic use on contact with water.

Like these, there are many other products for cleaning and disinfection. At East Coast L&N Cleaning Services we have these types of premium products for customers who want a more exclusive service.

If you wish to add premium cleaning products to your quote, you must contact us in advance so we can include them in your service.

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