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Residence cleaning

Property sale

If you are thinking of selling your house, we take care of leaving it clean and shiny.

Cleaning moving in or out

When leaving a home or occupying a new one, cleaning and desinfection are important factors to consider.

Standard Cleaning


Clean refrigerator exterior, including handles, ice/water dispenser

 Clean stove exterior (top and front), including handle(s)

 Clean dishwasher exterior, including handle

 Clean microwave inside/outside, including handle

   Spot clean cabinet exteriors, faces and doors

 Clean and sanitize all countertops surfaces

 Clean and sanitize all sink and faucets

 Clean windowsills

 Empty the trash container

 Wipe down the trash container

   Replace trash container liner

 Vacuum, and/or mop floor

 Clean table and chairs

 Baseboard dusting

 Clean light switches (within reach)

Dining room

 Wipe down table, and chairs

 Dust furniture, artwork, etc.

 Vacuum, and/or mop floor


Change bed linens and make bed “please leave fresh linens”

 Dust light fixtures (within reach)

 Vacuum floor, carpet and under bed and furniture

 Sweep, and mop floors

 Empty wastebasket

 Replace liner in wastebasket

 Polish mirrors (within reach)

 Dust around pictures on walls

 Dust furniture, bed boards, and any other specified areas.

 Dust window sills

 Dust all lampshades, light fixtures, and ceiling fans

 Dust under counters and cabinets

 Dust radiators

 Spot vacuum the curtains and blinds

 Carry dirty linens to laundry room


Vacuum and/or mop steps

 Dust baseboards, handrail, and edges

Living/Family room

Dust furniture, artwork, tops/sides of TV, bookshelves, etc.

 Straighten up pillows, throw rugs, etc.

 Clean light switches (within reach)

 Dust all ceiling fans

 Pick-up clothes and place in laundry room

 Vacuum curtains

 Vacuum, and/or mop floor

 Baseboard dusting


Clean and sanitized toilet (internal & external)

Clean and sanitized countertops

Clean and sanitized sinks

Clean and sanitized tubs, and showers

Mop/vacuum the floor

Spot clean cabinet exteriors

Spot clean doors and doorknobs

Empty wastebasket

Replace liner in wastebasket

Polish all mirrors (within reach)

Dust blinds

Spot vacuum curtains

Dust light fixtures within reach

Carry dirty laundry to laundry room

Post construction

We take care of cleaning the debris that remains after construction, ensuring that all areas are free of dust.

Cleaning of moves

If you are going to move house, we take care of the cleaning. Request one of our cleaning plans, according to your need. 

Property sale

If you want to sell your property, the first thing to do is hire a cleaning and desinfection service.

Comercial services

We offer different types of cleaning:

  • Stores
  • Studies
  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Medical facilities
  • Factory
  • Condominium
  • Schools

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